Graphite Design

Graphite Design Shaft | With 29 years of Tour proven Accuracy and Distance…Maybe it is time that you experience the difference a premium shaft from Graphite Design can make!


Matrix Shafts is located in Anaheim, California and was founded in 1993. The aim of the company has always been to create world class golf shafts for Tour Players and weekend players alike. What sets Matrix apart from the rest of the shaft industry is they do not compromise on anything. This obsession for creating the best golf shaft regardless of price is what led to the Matrix Ozik TP, the only shaft in the world that deserves the Tour Preferred moniker. Matrix also makes the best shafts money can buy in every other price category.


Aldila Shaft | ALDILA®, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation. ALDILA® is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of carbon fiber shafts. ALDILA® is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of carbon-based composite products and materials used in various end markets. ALDILA®’s competencies are the development of carbon-based composites and the implementation of manufacturing processes that support the commercialization of these composites. ALDILA® is a vertically integrated supplier of composites across three primary end markets: carbon-based pre-impregnated composite fibers, graphite golf shafts and archery products.

Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Chemical Shafts | MCA GOLF, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, dedicated to designing and developing the highest performing composite golf shafts for discerning golfers everywhere. MCA GOLF leverages our own resources and raw materials (vertical integration), which gives us a competitive advantage. Over the years, MCA GOLF has been a leading supplier of premium composite golf shafts worldwide. With many of the world’s best players using Mitsubishi Chemical golf shafts, MCA GOLF has established itself as a dominant force in the golf industry.


Since 1984, Navika USA Inc., has become an industry leader as one of the most trusted and respected suppliers and has been providing quality golf and tennis accessories, gift items, and has specialized in custom tournament awards and prizes for major professional, local amateur, as well as collegiate and high school events. We offer innovative products and total solution manufacturing (ODM or OEM), with exceptional service that is dedicated to helping customers grow their businesses. Navika USA Inc., proudly stands behind many companies and brands.

Pride Golf Tee

It all started in Tampa, Florida, in 1930, when the father and son team of Fletcher and Gene Pride founded the Pride Manufacturing Company for the purpose of manufacturing wooden mouthpieces for Hav-a-Tampa Jewel Cigars. The patented cigar tip was a huge success. The Pride family continued to operate the Tampa facility until 1956, when a decision was made to move the operation to Guilford, Maine, to be closer to the source of raw materials. Soon after its move to Maine, the Company began producing golf tees as its second product, and Pride Golf Tee Company was born.

Zero Friction

Zero Friction™ was founded in 2001, originally under the name of Excel Golf Products, Inc. with the primary goal of offering high quality, performance products with innovative technological advancements. In 2005, the Zero Friction™ Performance Tee was introduced, making Excel Golf the first in the industry to make the rarely thought of golf tee an important aspect of the game. What sets Zero Friction™ Tees apart is our unique invention of a 3-prong and 4-prong patented design that significantly reduces the contact area between the tee and ball by 66%, leading to longer, straighter drives. Less Resistance = More Distance!

Brampton Technology

Brampton Technology LTD was founded by John and Shaun Wheatley in 1997 to develop and market adhesives and non-toxic grip solvent for golf club manufacturers, golf professionals and the hobbyist. As club makers, the Wheatley’s have had direct personal experience with the risks involved in the use of toxic materials. They learned first hand that exposure to certain solvents and adhesives can cause dermatitis, eye irritation, breathing problems and a host of long term illnesses.


Evolve Golf, makers of the number one performance golf tee, produces superior golf products that are better for the golfer, the golf course and the planet. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, the company broke into the golf industry in 2004, when it re-imagined the design of the golf tee, and introduced the Epoch. Unlike a

Soft Spikes

Softspikes® have gone on to become one of the most popular golf “inventions” of the 20th century. Offering better traction, more comfort and improved playing surfaces, there is no question as to why Softspikes® are the number 1 choice of golfers worldwide.