Previously owned by Hillerich & Bradsby, who famously own the Louisville Slugger bat brand, PowerBilt is a golf brand with a rich 100 year history. The brand has been synonymous with excellence and performance since 1916, quickly earning a place at the top of the golf world and establishing a consistent presence on the PGA tour. PowerBilt clubs have been used on the professional level to win 8 major championships and over 140 total tour victories. Most notably, Fuzzy Zoeller famously carried his PowerBilt clubs in the classic PowerBilt orange bag as he won the 1979 Masters and 1984 US Open Championships.

Kronos Golf

Kronos Golf Club | KRONOS is the vision of Phillip Lapuz, Eric Williams, and their friends. Together they bring over a century of expertise to the golf industry!

Metal Factory

A Grind

Yusuke Ako, the owner of A-Grind, launched his business in a Tour Van on the JPGA Tour. He has worked with the harsh demands of many tour pros and ultimately created the optimal head shape for a variety of demands and also a nice sound at impact. Previously, Ako was the designer of the most desired Royal Collection woods.

Fire Express

Fire Express Shaft | Our incomparable QUADRA technology is achieved with unique Quadraxial SOF sheets. The Quadraxial SOF sheet enhances stability in the circumferential direction, dramatically reducing variability of shaft movement throughout the swing, and improving the smash factor. This technology enables various bold design possibilities for graphite shafts. The extra-high modulus degree graphite sheet with the QUADRA technology enables both a “Quick but Constant Response” shaft and a unique “Power Multiplying” effect.


Grafalloy is a leading manufacturer of state of the art carbon fiber wood and iron golf shafts.


Veylix Shaft | Veylix was started in August 2012 by J.C. Beeson and Solinco Sports, a tennis brand (www.solincosports.com)

Project X Shaft

Project X Shaft | Project X was designed on the PGA Tour to help professional golfers improve distance and accuracy. Today, Project X is played by the world’s best golfers and can be found in play every week of the Tour.

Nippon Shaft

Nippon Shaft | In early 1959, the proven strength and durable flexibility of NHK Spring Co. LTD.’s marketing-leading automotive value-spring alloy served as the genesis of what would become a revolution in the golf shaft industry.

True Temper

True Temper Shaft | The leading manufacturer of golf shafts in the world, True Temper Sports is consistently the number one golf shaft on all professional tours globally. Use the side arrows to browse our history of innovation and tour success.