P2 Putter Grip

P2 Putter Grip are an Irish company, specialising in putter grips. We want to bring science into the world of putter grips, and place those benefits in your hands.

What’s different about the P2 Grip?

The key feature of the P2 Grip is the positioning of the shaft within the grip. Unlike any other
putter where the shaft is positioned through the centre of the grip, the shaft within the P2
grip is positioned at the back of the grip.

How does this help you putt better?

The positioning of the shaft increases the angle of both wrists and locks them in position
throughout the stroke. This prevents any unwanted wrist or hand movements meaning
less rotation of the putter face and a square impact with the ball each time. The higher
positioning of the wrists also allows the forearms to be aligned in perfect symmetry with the
shaft of the putter and putter face.

The unique design of the P2 Grip with its flat sides, fills out the palms of both hands
perfectly. This positions the hands squarely on the grip, leading to a square putter face at
address and most importantly at impact.