Grafalloy is a leading manufacturer of state of the art carbon fiber wood and iron golf shafts.

Speed Coat Technology

Grafalloy Blue and Blue 75 feature proprietary Speed Coat technology. Speed Coat technology is a roughened texture on the exterior surface of the shaft that works in conjunction with the internal mechanical specifications of the shaft to deliver maximum clubhead speed for explosive distance and power.

Micro-Mesh Technology

Proprietary Micro-Mesh Tip Technology radically improves the torsional stability of the shaft while promoting a responsive feel at impact. This technological advancement enhances shot consistency by keeping the clubface square at impact leading to greater distance and accuracy off the tee.

Launch-Monitor-Tuned Technology

It’s never been easier to find the perfect shaft for you. Featuring ProLaunch’s launch-tuned technology, there is a trajectory-optimized ProLaunch Speed Coat for every swing.

System 9 Technology

System 9 is proprietary software designed by Grafalloy’s design engineers to calculate frequency, tip deflection, weight, balance point, swing weight, torque, EI and torque profiles based on flag design, materials, fiber angle and tooling. Each parameter change requires 100,000 new calculations to remodel the shaft’s characteristics. System 9 ensures every Grafalloy shaft is designed with unparalleled material accuracy. Shafts can be System 9 designed to a player’s specification and put into play on the PGA Tour in less than 48 hours.

Vertical Launch Technology Technology

Designed with an EI profile in the tip section that gets stiffer at a much slower rate than in a standard shaft, Vertical Launch Technology maximizes launch conditions and provides greater height off the tee