Fire Express

Our incomparable QUADRA technology is achieved with unique Quadraxial SOF sheets. The Quadraxial SOF sheet enhances stability in the circumferential direction, dramatically reducing variability of shaft movement throughout the swing, and improving the smash factor. This technology enables various bold design possibilities for graphite shafts. The extra-high modulus degree graphite sheet with the QUADRA technology enables both a “Quick but Constant Response” shaft and a unique “Power Multiplying” effect.
Our latest R&D has developed new and efficient methods of piling the Quadraxial SOF sheets to partially control the rigidity of the shaft which further improves golf shaft performance.
※The quadruple axis pattern visible on our shaft is a patented design.
The Fire Express series utilizes 40t or higher modulus graphite sheets. We apply the most appropriate choices of those high or extra-high modulus graphite materials to each model so that the shaft movement throughout the swing plane is controlled effectively.

Since 2009 all Fire Express shaft series have incorporated “NANOALLOY® Technology”.
The combination of “NANOALLOY® Technology” and our superior modulus graphite material enables ideal synergy effects to maximize distance performance of our shafts.

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